Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thing-A-Day Challenge

I have been inspired for quite sometime by bloggers out there on the interwebs. Some have decided to limit only their personal belongings to a limited number like 50 or 100. Others have decided to find one item every day to get rid of. I like that idea, but after a couple of big clean outs, I am not sure how many days I will last. I guess the challenge will be to see how many days it will last. Note: I already have an entire laundry basket full of stuff, so I have a bit of a head start!

I might even post some pictures of my space since I have read that people like that sort of thing (admit folks, we are all a little nosy about how other people live). Hopefully I will keep this project up although I am taking my final class this summer so I need to be most preoccupied with it.

If you are doing the same sort of challenge, post a link to your blog!


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I hope I was one of those bloggers here at 365lessthings that has inspired you to start your quest. I like your twist on the "Thing-a-Day" challenge I will be interested to see how many days worth of stuff you have to declutter. Good luck I will be watching.

    Can I subscribe to your blog by email?

  2. Greetings Colleen,
    Your blog is definitely inspirational! The element I most like about your blog are the pictures. I think the pictures definitely make it easier to relate with other people because I have noticed that we have commonality in some of the items we are purging (that and I am a visual person).

    I just added a widget so you can subscribe by email! I subscribe to yours in my RSS feed and enjoy reading it everyday!


  3. Hey Stephanie -- I just found your blog and I read through your 30 days challenge. From the looks of it, it was/is very successful and I know that you have to feel awesome for sticking to it and getting the unessential out!