Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 10 - High School Class Photo

About a month and a half ago, I moved... to a different room across the house! You must understand how much I hate moving, even if it is only that far! I am always purging things, but it prompted me to push further because I don't want to move as much stuff the next time it happens. One of the largest and heaviest boxes I struggled with was a catch all box for old school work, cards, mementos and souvenirs. I had school work from the 2nd grade on up to college level work. I had the notes I passed around in middle school from dear old friends.

Within the past year or so, I have become very adept at scanning and organizing files securely on my computer. The logical next step for me was to scan what I wanted to save and then toss. Some people would say that school work from their childhood isn't worth saving, but I think of it as a chronicle of my life that I want to have. I don't need the physicalness of the paper though. There is still a bit of a stack left that I try to work a few minutes every other day. Sadly, there aren't any pictures of that project, although they might be pretty boring!

The item for today is a set of high school class photos from my senior year. I definitely didn't want the big panoramic one, as it takes up way too much room. I contemplated the small one for a VERY short time, but I don't have really fond memories associated with the picture. I changed schools going into my senior year (no pity here, it was my choice) and so I didn't make strong connections with anyone at that school. That means that it wasn't even worth trying to figure out how to scan! My belief of purging stuff that brought back negative memories has been in place for some time. Now I am slowing going towards purging things that I feel ambivalent about and this was a good start.


  1. i remember getting rid of mind awhile back too, I remember those days. And will continue to remember them without the pictures. I've also purge ALL my year books, and I don't have any regrets. love your blog.

  2. I am contemplating at least one of the yearbooks, the one that was associated with the high school I only went to for a year. I picked it up the other day and noticed that it had no signatures in it! I had to jog my memory and ask a friend because I didn't know if I was really that disconnected with people or if we got the yearbooks late. It turns out that we got our yearbooks after school had already ended! It sort of defeats the purpose, you think?

    I hope that one day, yearbooks will PDF versions! Besides being less clutter, it would hopefully be less expensive. I know a small fortune was spent on my 3 from junior high and 4 from high school!