Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 11 - Greeting Cards

In theory, greeting cards seem to be pretty fantastic. In reality, they are rather a nightmare. Here is my thought process on dealing with mail:

1. Pick out greeting card, sign it and seal it up in envelope.

2. Wonder what the heck postage costs these days? Has it increased since the last time I mailed something?

3. Make a special trip to the post office.

4. Stand in line for 10-15 minutes.

5. Ask to buy a stamp. Postal employee tries to upsell me into express mail and buying a book of stamps. "No thanks, by the time I use them, the rate will have increased again and it is hard to keep up with", I say. The postal worker then makes some snarky remark, like "shame on me".

6. I leave, very angry, and vow to file a complaint.

I wish I was joking about the employees at my local post office being verbally abusive, but I am not. I find that a phone call, email and social networking mean just as much to my friends and family than sweating the small stuff like sending a dead tree with glitter in the mail! Most people share the same sentiment these days with the ever increasing cost of postage. I will still have a few to keep on hand, but I am much more realistic about how few cards I really use.


  1. Hey There,

    Good luck with your de-cluttering, hope it all goes well!!

  2. I love this post. When I was 15 it cost on average 60c for a greeting card and my wage was about $3 per hour. Now the average cost for the same cards is $6 and I can asure you my wage is not $30 per hour in the same industry. It is a ridiculous cost for a piece of cardboard. Needless to say I usually make my own with the craft supplies I have on hand. With the cost of postage and the transport pollution that causes maybe I should switch to eCards.

  3. I love to send and receive e-cards. There's such a variety to chose from. I especially enjoy the animated ones with music. It's a time, money, paper, and space saver....a minimalist's dream come true!

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