Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 8 - Fossil Collection

A few weeks ago, there was a blog entry about collections over on Miss Minimalist's blog. I responded that I only had one collection, but then I was hit with a hard reality check when I started going through a box that was in my closet. I had completely forgot about the box of rocks, box of shells and box of fossils!

I think it is worth noting that the word "collection" can mean two different things. There is the definition of the word being a grouping of items and then the definition of an action or process of collecting. Those are very distinct differences. I have a basket of socks, but by no means am I in active pursuit of getting more. Semantics can be tough.

With much thought, I will now give a more accurate account of my collections:

1. Crowns - I have a small wall case (maybe 13" x 13") that has various rings & pins that are crown shaped. My name actually means "crowned" and so it is unique to me. My one caveat is that my collection stays within the space confines of the wall case, that way it will never be more than I can manage.

2. Vintage Cookbooks - This one started with a home economics from the 60's that I purchased at a library sale when I was a teenager. I was fascinated at how few items people lived with and the detailed instructions on how to take care of what you did own in order to make it last. It is inspiring to read these historical texts and gives me lots to think about in where we are now as a society. I have 5 of these books.

3. Box of Rocks & Box of Seashells - Oddly enough, rocks are something that bring me great memories of growing up. My sister & I are both into it and my mother used to be as well. On one of my trips back home, my sister and I actually bought a bag of dirt that had tourmaline in it but we had to wash it all ourselves to find it! That was hours of fun! I also grew up by the beach and so the shells are a reminder of the beautiful ocean that I am deeply connected to.

4. Stamps - This was a collection started by my grandparents for me. I am going to do a future post about this so I don't want to give too many teasers here!

5. Coins - I have a small box of currency from world travels and that people have given me from their world travels. Once again, future post soon!

I have given much thought about each of these collections and found that some bring me joy, others I am rather indifferent about. There is no intent to start anymore collections or to not be extremely thoughtful about things that are added to the existing ones. I try not to say to others that I collect anything because then others often try to do my collecting for me and in great numbers! Although I am grateful for gifts from others, I like to be the one that personally picks what is meaningful enough to save.

As for the item that gets the boot today, it is a box (or collection if you will) of fossils that I personally found for a college geology class. These don't evoke a great memory for me, just that I tried my best to identify these things so I would get a good grade! My aunt, who is a science teacher, said that she would love to have them for her classroom. I feel grateful that my old class project can spark some young minds!


  1. Hey Stephanie. I found your blog from Colleen's 365 Less Things blog. I want to wish you well on your declutter agenda and also on blogging about it.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Stephanie, I will be following you as well. You are right that there is a certain amount of voyeurism involved in reading these blogs, but I find them thought-provoking too. With each item that gets listed I think - have I got stuff like that? I especially like your insight that de-cluttering is more than having tons of stuff neatly arranged and packed away.

  3. Just when I thought I had shed all my collections I may have to re-think using your guidelines. There is a small collection of coins in a drawer in my bedroom and my craft supplies could be considered a collection because they mostly just sit there while I do nothing with them lately. I am sure I could think of more things if I put my mind to it as well. Thanks for the inspiration I will use this to find something to declutter today.

  4. Hey Stephanie:

    Keep up the good purging!

  5. I popped over from Colleen's blog. I'm so glad you didn't just toss the fossils and that they'll be used in class.

    I have an old beloved coin collection and a box of thimbles. Lately I've contemplated giving away the thimbles.