Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 3 - Nail Supplies

Today's post goes back to my great bathroom purge. I had a medium sized train case that was entirely dedicated to nail supplies. Tweezers, files, brushes, nail polish... all the things to do a mani and pedi! That would seem like I actually did my own nails, right? WRONG!

My work consists of hands on activity and I also do stuff like rock climbing in my free time. Trying to keep with fingernails is futile and so I have never done it. I do LOVE a good pedicure though! I have all the supplies to do them, but I realized something about myself. Not only do I not like to do it myself, I am terrible at it! A professional can make their paint job last about two weeks while mine lasts about two days! The funny thing is that we use the same products too. Most of the items in that picture were, once again, gifts. I know some of the ladies out there can relate when we are given huge sets of makeup or nail stuff as gifts. I kept some files, a pair of scissors, nippers and only a couple of polishes to either take with me to a nail salon or so I can practice my pathetic technique. There is no more dedicated box of nail supplies! These implements were happily donated to the thrift store.

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