Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 4 - Hair Stuff

Yet another entry that involved the Great Bathroom Purge!

When I set out all my hairbrushes & combs, I realized that I owned nearly close to 10! I can assure that I don't care that much about my hair! I also had quite a few headbands that I had acquired in a quest to find some that didn't give me headaches from wearing them. I wouldn't say I have given up, it just isn't a priority whatsoever for me anymore. If one were to look at the drawer I kept my hair items in, most people would think that it was neat and tidy, with nothing wrong. I think that is definitely something that we deceive ourselves in American society about. Most people are okay with oodles and oodles of stuff that they rarely or never use because it is organized in lovely plastic bins with labels. I have been at that point for years and I am just now taking that next step to move further towards the truth in the connection between myself and my possessions.

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