Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Safety Net of Corporate Slavery

This post is probably going to come across as more of a rant than anything else! I have been so frustrated lately with my job. I don't want the career that I have. I have worked far too many years in a field that I never had any desire to be in... mental health. I stumbled into this field by taking a really great part-time job that had FULL benefits. Then it got to where just working part-time wasn't really paying down the debt so I got a full-time job doing the same thing because it was EASY. I had contacts, called them up and so I just took a full-time gig they offered. Now I feel stuck nearly two years later. Morale at my company is terrible because the person in charge is paranoid that we are all trying to cheat the company in some way. There would be a lot of turnover right now if the job market were better. I want to quit so badly but don't know what I would like to do instead. 

This situation directly relates to why I want to downsize my life. I feel that the less I have to take care of (possessions, friendships, work obligations), the freer I become. I didn't need that Coach purse that was equivalent to a car payment after all. I don't need the friendships with people that don't bring positive energy to my life. I don't want the work obligations where I feel like I am constantly on someone else's watch. Fear is stopping me though. I need a job where I can have healthcare benefits to see the doctor or get my teeth cleaned. I would have to make much more per hour if I was shelling out for my own policy. It's scary out there. What if some drunk person crashes into me while driving? Fear is motivating me to stay where I am at for now. 

I need to do some serious number crunching to find out what it would take for me to independent from the corporate slavery. I need to get out of this fear mode I seem to be stuck in. I need some air to breathe...

Maybe a few days off of work would be a good thing for now...


  1. It's funny, for four years during college I worked in the mental health feild. Care of multiple disabilites/ visually impaired children. I loved my kids very much, although sometimes management got me down. I left the feild my last year of school, because I found I wasn't doing either very well. After I graduated I thought about going back into mental health, but felt that doing so would get me stuck in a feild that my heart wasn't in.
    Easy is not the issue, desire is the issue, and while these are the best times, unhappiness is always a good reason for exploring your options.
    Also if you like, looking at number is fairly easy, income vs expenses. I became a financial manager after college and couild offer some tips.
    Finally, shed any 'friendship' that brings you down. these people are not true friends, they are emotional vampires. Do you feel worse for the wear after being in their company? are they always dumping crap on you?
    It is sometimes hard to break friendships, but you need to do what is healty and right for you.

  2. Know what you mean - although I've never worked in the mental health field. I've taken advantage of it once or twice, but never worked it.

    Be patient. It took you years to get to the place you are at. It will likely take years to get out. Just start getting out, while taking your time.

    My 2 cents :-)