Monday, January 5, 2009

Purge Time

Today at work, my mind kept drifting to something I knew I needed to do: purge my closet of unused things. When I say that I love doing that, I mean it! There is something magical to me about clearing up more space so that the arrangement is more visually appealing. I get a high off from the sense that I can let go of "old" in order to let "new" in. The problem lies within the reasoning that occurs after a purge. It is time to shift the focus.

Fighting the Urge to Bargain Shop
I am finding that many of my items that I am purging were the result of shopping at a department store clearance center. It is practically irresistible to get 75% of the suggested retail price and often more during special events. The problem is that I find stuff that I rarely need. So I wear the items once or twice and figure out what a poor decision I made because for 75% off, I could find a way to make it work! Even worse is the fact that all items are non-returnable. Mental note to self, my clothes shopping needs to be more like food shopping (sticking to a list of well thought out essentials)!

Fighting the Urge to Hold On
I have been hiding this little messenger bag that I bought almost 10 years ago at the bottom of a drawer so it would stay out of my sight! I purchased it in Germany while on a graduation trip. In all these years, I have probably used it once! I tell myself that I bought it while in Germany so it is like a souvenir. It is a pretty impractical one though. It is too small to carry my laptop yet not cute enough to carry as a purse. It has no purpose for me. I don't consider myself very sentimental (I get rid of stuff from old boyfriends and recycle greeting cards) but this one item has been held on to for so long. It is time for it to go finally. I don't know why this time is right but it just is. I have fond memories of Europe in the form of pictures and that is enough for me.

A List of What Had to Go:
  • 3 pairs of high heels (two pairs very worn, one pair nearly new condition)
  • 1 pair of boots (worn once, they were a gift)
  • 2 pairs of running shoes (one pair out of miles, one pair like new but don't fit well and never got returned)
  • 1 business casual blazer (new with tags... and I hope that is the only NWT item that was in my closet)
  • 3 bags
  • 3 workout shirts (nearly 100% polyester and I absolutely hated them for that)
  • 3 pairs of pajama type bottoms
  • 2 t-shirts
More to come later...

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