Sunday, July 3, 2011

Still On the Wagon!

Updating my blog seems to be few and far between these days! Well I am still around, maybe just not feeling as inspired about blogging as I have been in the past. It doesn't feel like that much has changed, but here are some status updates:

I got rid of a LOT of stuff during 2010. The process has slowed because I have packed up most of my belongings so they can sit in storage at the moment. My living situation is still in limbo as it relates to my recent graduation and finding a DAMN job! Everything that was packed away was carefully sorted and culled through.

This year I decided I was going to get a handle on my medical records and put my already scanned info into Google Health. Well, I got some new prescriptions a few weeks ago that I was going to log in to my Google Health account. When I logged in, I found out they are shutting down the service at the end of this year! Doh! If you know of any personal medical records services, please leave a comment.

In May I went on vacation and well, my good eating went straight out the door. I gained 10 lbs. and got rid of 5 lbs. pretty easily once back. The last 5 lbs. has been a lot harder. Throw in having a stomach virus to the mix which totally created havoc. Turns out that sick tummies don't really like hardcore protein, which is my staple when getting my weight back where it needs to be. So I stuck with noodles and broth. You better believe that I didn't feel like swinging a kettle bell or anything else that was fitness related! This morning I noticed that I am (barely) back to my pre-vacation weight and ready to work on this fat that was there prior to the trip! Yay!

Job Seeking
This area, by far, has been sucking the life out of me! I'm fortunate that I have a roof over my head and I can pay my bills (well, save for those student loans that got deferred for the time being). So many people are in the same boat as me and so it is really hard! I am working with at least 5 different staffing agencies and signed up with too many job websites to count! It has been a much slower process than I anticipated and working with recruiters is absolutely painful because, well, the field is rife with idiots. What used to be an industry of relationship building has now turned into an impersonal, high-volume and computer based mess. I know that spending a HUGE amount of time to create a flawless resume where all the formatting is lost once it is submitted into a giant database is futile. Making usernames and passwords for every site I apply at is time wasting. Slowly, but surely, I am starting to understand "the game" and how to get around it.

I am still living simply and fugally. Not having a steady income can sure get you there, but it feels like having more time and not being constantly rushed is what got me mostly on track. I don't feel like I am as quick to react when it comes to buying stuff. There is also more time to make better food choices when I am not sitting at a desk, slammed with work and so brain dead that a Coke or M&M's seems like a quick fix. There are always positives and negatives no matter what your situation is!