Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 15 - Necklace

In one of my previous posts, I had discussed the easiness of getting rid of things that had negative emotions attached to it. Fine jewelry is a bit tricky to deal with though! There is usually a small voice in the back of my head saying that it is REAL white gold and those are TRUE diamonds on it... it must be worth quite a bit! In reality, jewelry store markup is outrageous and yet I would guess that 99% of people that shop in those places are shopping on emotion, not the better judgement we use day to day for our other decisions.

At the time, this was a thoughtful gift from a relative, although I never wore it. I am not big on fine jewelry and to me there is something a bit stressful about wearing something pricey on my clumsy self! Earrings and rings seem to do alright, but not dangly things with lots of slack! More recently though, my relationship with that relative has turned quite ugly. It is saddening that this happens, but I value my sanity and happiness. I also know that this person uses guilt and gifts as a bargaining tool. I got tired of hearing how I was supposed to be doing work to help her out because she had bought me all these things (none of which I had asked for). Not having this negative reminder around will clear up some mental space for happier things. I hope this necklace brings someone else some joy and happiness though!


  1. Hello! - I have followed you over from 365less things blog and I enjoy your blog too! Dealing with gifts is so complex - esp from relatives and esp if they are a little more expensive. I do believe people need to keep their environment positive. If seeing that necklace brings up negative feelings then I say sell it (it would be a little tricky to return to your aunt). You don't have an obligation to hang onto those gifts that make you feel bad. Declutter the gift and the vibes!

  2. Yes a tricky situation and a good thing to be rid of. I think it is time for me to go through my jewelry box again. Taking into account how infrequently I open it there must be plenty of things in there I don't use or want.