Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is Minimalism Elitist?

I read a lot of blogs on "minimalism". Quite frankly, I am getting real tired of some of these blogs on minimalism! Suggestions on ditching your car to move to a car free city such as San Francisco or New York seem so utterly ridiculous. "Cars are antisocial"??? Seems to me that moving to a city where you don't know anyone and walking away from an existing social network for the sake of not having a car would be the epitome of anti-social behavior.

Let us now move to cost of living. I don't pay state income tax where I live. If I did pay state income tax, it may not be equal to what I spend owning a car every year, but it isn't nothing either. Is minimalism about the feeling you get when paying higher taxes which makes up the difference for all the non-consuming of tangible goods?

What exactly is a "minimalist" then? I don't feel that it is someone who needs to move to a particular locale or adhere to precepts such as being carless. To me, minimalism shouldn't have overbearing rules and shame on those who are trying to give it such.


  1. I think some people like making severe rules and make it a type of game to comply. I like to think about practicing simplicity rather than becoming a minimalist. Some of the people who write the blogs on minimalism are basically drifters. I don't need to go there.

  2. Some of the most "minimal" places I have been to, like the desert or the mountains, required a car to get there. Unfortunately, Amtrak nor Greyhound have stops in the places I go to in order to be away from everything!