Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Finally Here!

Be careful what you ask for...

As you can tell from my previous posts, I really wanted out of my job! I kept putting that message out to the universe and, well, the universe answered back! Back in April it was announced that my company was taking my full-time salaried position and making it a part-time hourly position. 

At first I was shocked (it might of had something to do with me receiving this knowledge in an e-mail with my coworkers all copied on it). As a few days went by though I realized that this could be a great opportunity. Of course, I could stay. I could take the drastic pay cut. We are constantly bombarded with the message of how fortunate one is to have a job in this economy! I was fed up and didn't want it anymore though. Management was not even interested in expressing that it may have been a hard decision but that I would be helping them out by staying since I had all the knowledge and skills of the position. The message I got was that I was rather dispensable. I didn't want to feel or be labeled that for one more second. So I did what any self-respecting person in my position would do, I put in my two weeks notice!

There was so much more drama that was involved but I don't feel like hashing it all out again. I decided to take care of myself and finish up my last few classes that I need for my degree. I am in no rush to find another job. I built up some savings while working and got a decent payout for my vacation that I never got to take advantage of in TWO years! 

The plan is school but also to start my own business. I have been licensed as a massage therapist for several years now but fell under the spell of the so called "security" that corporate jobs provide. How laughable! My business model is to market to businesses because employees really need me! People are overworked, over stressed and under appreciated right now. I hope I can connect with those that can truly benefit from my talent since it clearly wasn't happening in the mental health field! 

For once, my future really feels like it is under my command. I made a conscious decision to not do what was easy or secure. I am the captain of my own ship, navigating by the stars. I was not meant to do or be anything less. Now that I am done trying to be a square peg in a round hole, the world awaits! 

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  1. Seven years ago I got ditched by a company 24 hours after a merger vote. Could not find anything in my own line of work, so started my own business doing the sorts of things I have done for years. Today I make less money, spend less and live better. Best of all I have job security unlike anything in the corporate world. That sounds counterintuitive but here is why. I have revenue streams from a half dozen different sources. My primary endeavor has perhaps fifteen customers with none geneating more than three times the smallest. In short if any one customer quits or one of my revenue streams fails, it is little noticed and it is relatively easy to go out and hustle up a replacement. As an employee you are 100% dependent on your employer and in most cases you have little control on what happens no matter how valuable you think you are. Little control means things like mergers, sell outs, new management, a new immediate supervisor who is a jerk, new hire employees you will have to work with, failures of the sales staff to generate sales, failure of the product folks to produce quality or type of products needed for sales, and so on.